1) Do you ___________ in a flat? a) have b) like c) live d) work 2) Does he __________ the guitar? a) cook b) play c) listen d) wear 3) Do you always __________ your English homework? a) do b) work c) say d) want 4) Do you _________________ to music? a) need b) listen c) study d) like 5) Does he ___________ dinner every day? a) do b) cook c) want d) drink 6) Does she ______________ animals? a) work b) watch c) play d) like 7) Do you ____________ TV series? a) watch b) listen c) read d) study 8) You ___________ a new phone. a) need b) watch c) take d) wear 9) Do they __________ exercise? a) take b) have c) want d) do 10) Does he ___________ the housework? a) cook b) do c) take d) play 11) Why do you ___________ glasses? a) wear b) take c) like d) watch 12) What part of the newspaper does he ________? a) watch b) wear c) read d) study 13) What beautiful flowers. Do you ___________ a garden? a) have b) like c) do d) want 14) Do they __________ to the cinema? a) go b) like c) read d) listen 15) I'm having tea. Do you _________ a coffee? a) have b) want c) like d) drink 16) Oops! _________ sorry! a) say b) do c) need d) speak 17) Does she _________ in an office? a) work b) live c) need d) want 18) It's raining. _________ an umbrella a) take b) go c) need d) wear 19) What do you usually ______________ for breakfast? a) eat b) drink c) watch d) say 20) Do you _________ still or sparkling mineral water? a) cook b) go c) eat d) drink 21) Do you _________ English? a) study b) listen c) want d) work 22) Do they _________ German? a) listen b) do c) work d) speak 23) Does he _________ a car or take the bus? a) drive b) take c) do d) need 24) Do you _________ tennis? a) play b) do c) study d) work

3A Vocab VerbPhrases English File 4ed Elementary




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