A: Do you ____ a lot of time with your brother?B: Not really. We ____ up at family events from time to time. I ____ on really well with him though. A: That’s good. I ____ out with my brother all the time. He’s one of my best friends, really. A: I don’t ____ a lot of Alan, do you?B: Yes, we keep in ____ . I’m catching ____ with him next week actually. A: Great. Can I hang ____ with you, too? B: Yeah, no problem. I’ll let you know our plans. A: Will you keep in ____ when you go abroad?B: Yes, I can email you from time to time. A: That’s good. I don’t want to ____ touch with you. B: Don’t worry. We’ll see each ____ soon. I’m only going away for a month! A: Do you know Lisa Stanford?B: No, but I ____ to know her sister, Laura, last year and she’s great fun. But we haven’t seen ____ other much lately. A: Well, maybe we can get ____ with Lisa later? B: That’s a great idea. I’m sure I’ll get on really ____ with her, too! A: I got a text from Helen last week.B: Oh, what’s she doing now? A: I’m not sure, but I’ll find out very soon. I’m going to meet up ____ her tomorrow, so I’ll ____ up with all her news then. B: It’s sad, but I lost ____ with her after we left school. A: Why don’t I suggest that we all ____ together sometime soon? B: I’d love that.




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