1) Bob and ... dog a) his b) her c) your 2) Susan and ... cat a) his b) their c) her 3) My parents and ... car a) its b) their c) our 4) You, your sister and ... friends a) your b) her c) their 5) You and me and ... toys a) your b) my c) our 6) My friend Sue and ... sister a) its b) their c) her 7) Ann, Susan, Lucy and ... doll's house a) her b) their c) your 8) That dog and ... ball a) her b) its c) his 9) My cat and ... kittens a) its b) her c) our 10) We are in ... classroom a) your b) our c) their 11) Those boys and ... bikes a) their b) his c) your 12) Me and ... tablet a) my b) its c) their




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