TALK: This situation can't go on. We need to ____ ., I just want to _____ with you a little while., I'm going to _____ to Tom when he comes home., I can ____ about anything with my best friend., She wasn't going to ____to him again., SAY: What did you _____? I couldn't hear you because of the noise. , You could learn the basics, let's ________, in six months. , Please _____ hello to your parents for me., They _____ you have a new job., She wanted him to ______that he loved her., SPEAK: I can ______ 3 languages fluently: English, German and French, Hi, could I_____ to Jim, please? It's Jane here., Sorry, I can't _______ now. I'm on a meeting. , _____ of the devil! (idiom), I started to ____ but she didn't listen., TELL: ______ the truth. Did you really do this yourself?, Did you ______ Mark about the party next week?, They will honestly ____ her what happened., He will firmly ____ his daughter that she cannot go to the party., Why didn't you ____ Peter about the books?,




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