I never feel BLEEP or anxious before exams – I’m always calm. - nervous, The movie was so BLEEP and boringthat I fell asleep in the cinema! - dull, My job interview was a BLEEP experience – I didn’t sleep the night before. - (stressful), was so BLEEP during my trip to Australia that I came home early. - (homesick), It’s important to stay BLEEP and optimistic about the future. - (positive), The hotel was in a very BLEEP area and there was no noise at all. - (peaceful), We had a really BLEEP and very lively evening talking about our recent trip. - (enjoyable), Chloe is always BLEEP – she feels so positive and cheerful about the future - optimistic, My mother gets very nervous when we go on holiday, and she’s when we go on holiday, and she’s always BLEEP about missing flights. - anxious, The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is BLEEP – there’s nothing like it anywhere. - extraordinary, There’s so much going on in Barcelona – it’s a really BLEEP city - lively, My best friend is so happy and BLEEP – she’s always smiling - cheerful, unpleasant, strange,


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