It is more BLANK to travel by train than by car. - (environmentally friendly), Modern furniture is usually BLANK, reliable and environmentally friendly.  - (well designed), Cheap clothing ranges are very BLANK with teenagers. - (popular), The price of cinema tickets is BLANK for money.  - (poor value), People say German cars are BLANK because they don’t often break down. - (reliable), It’s so BLANK. I don’t understand how to use it at all. - (poorly designed), It is BLANK to travel everywhere by plane.  - (not environmentally friendly), Modern smartphones take BLANK photos, so cameras aren’t necessary now.  - (high quality), Older people don’t always find the internet BLANK. - (easy to use), Buying second-hand clothing is BLANK for money and good for the environment, too. - (good value), You shouldn’t buy second-hand phones as they are BLANK. - (unreliable), Staff in the restaurants in our town always give BLANK. - (excellent service),


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