A: What ____ we do today?M: Why ____ we go to the London Dungeon? My sister went there last year and she says it’s really scary. A: Oh, I don’t really like scary things. I’d ____ go to Madame Tussauds. M: Oh okay. ____ go to Madame Tussauds this morning then. What ____ this afternoon? It’s a nice day, so ____ about going on the London Eye? I really want to see the views of London. A: That’s a good ____. Then we ____ go on a speedboat on the River Thames. M: Hmm, I’m not ____ about that. It’s very expensive. A: Oh yes. You’re right. I need my money to buy souvenirs! I think we ____ go shopping on Oxford Street M: Oxford Street? No, ____ go to Camden Market instead. It’s more ____.A: Oh yes, that ____ great. I want to buy some clothes. M: Yes, me too. Do you ____ going to the theatre this evening? A: Yes, let’s go to Shakespeare’s Globe. Tickets are quite cheap. Standing tickets only ____ five pounds. M: ____ idea. But right now I’m starving. Let’s have something to eat




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