1) How much people are at the party? a) Correct b) Incorrect 2) Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in February a) Yes b) No 3) There are lots of moneys in the bag. a) Correct b) Incorrect 4) There isn't an cake on the table. a) Correct b) Inorrect 5) There aren't much chocolates in the box. a) Correct b) Incorrect 6) When is New Years Eve? a) 31st December b) 30th December c) 1st January 7) How much fruit is in the fridge? a) Correct b) Incorrect 8) wedding cake a) b) c) 9) Balloon a) Countable b) Uncountable 10) Bread a) Countable b) Uncountable 11) Fruit a) Countable b) Uncountable 12) Indian Festival of light over darkness a) Dowala b) Diwali c) Diwalia 13) What is "Auld Lang Syne"? a) A type of food b) A decoration c) A traditional song d) Fireworks 14) Music a) Countable b) Uncountable 15) My mum's sister is my... a) grandmother b) sister c) auntie d) daughter 16) I'm my grandmother's... a) daughter b) niece c) granddaughter d) grandson e) nephew 17) Diwali is in which season? a) Summer b) Winter c) Spring d) Autumn 18) I'm sporty a) I like to draw b) I like playing tennis c) I don't like reading d) I don't like parties 19) I'm organised a) I never do my homework b) I like watching football c) I love Harry Potter d) I write everything in my notebook 20) Clothes you wear in winter a) Cool b) Hot c) Cold d) Warm 21) Which word is the odd one out? a) dress b) hat c) scarf d) gloves e) pumpkin 22) We go swimming _______ the morning. a) in b) at c) on 23) My birthday is ___________ 3rd August. a) in b) at c) on 24) I go cycling _________ the weekend. a) in b) at c) on 25) What do you wear on Halloween? a) sports clothes b) pyjamas c) hats and gloves d) fancy dress e) wedding dress 26) which festival has a rabbit and chocolate eggs? a) christmas b) diwali c) easter d) valentine's day

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