This animal lives in Australia and carries its baby in a pocket., It's an insect which makes honey. It's yellow and black., This animal lives in the sea and is very clever., It's an animal which can live for 2 weeks with no water, The cartoon character Bugs Bunny is one of these., They're soft round sea animals. If one touches you, it really hurts., This animal has a very long neck and lives in Africa, These animals gives milk which people drink., This animal has a very warm, white coat, It's a very small insect which bites people at night., The plural of these animal is mice., This animal lives in rivers. It's green or grey and has a lot of teeth., It's a very big, grey animal from Africa or India., This animal is a long, thin reptile, and many people are scared of it. Sometimes it bites., People rode these animals before they had cars., This animal is 'the king of the jungle'., It's a very big, orange and black cat., This animal lives on a farm and has a curly tail., People say this animal will attack you if you wear something red., This animal comes out at night. It has wings, but it isn't a bird., This animal has horns and sometimes gives milk. It's usually white, brown or black., It lives in the forest. The male has horns while the female doesn't. They sometimes have white spots on the back..


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