Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?, Coffee or tea?, Soup or salad?, Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?, Dessert or no dessert?, Delivery or restaurant?, Bake a cake or buy a cake?, Black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar?, Singing or dancing?, TV series or movies?, Books or movies?, Watch or play sports?, Concert or sports game?, Funny movie or dramatic movie?, Car or bicycle?, Paperback book or eBook?, Rock music or pop music?, Hip-hop music or classical music?, Europe or Asia?, Passenger or driver?, Theatre or cinema?, Spontaneous trip or planned trip?, Travel alone or travel with friend and family?, Winter or summer?, Morning or evening?, Sleep too much or sleep too little?, Expensive gift or homemade gift?, Giving a gift or receiving a gift?, New Year ot Birthday?, Fake or real Christmas tree?, Calling or texting?, Go in the future or go in the past?, Cats or dogs?, City or countryside?, Shopping in store or online?, New phone or a new laptop?, Working or studying?, Working in team or working alone?, Apple or Android?, WhatsApp or Telegram?, Love or money?, Money or fame?.


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