1) What language was spoken all over the world before English? a) French b) German c) Spanish 2) Hoe do you say hello in French?  a) Bonjour b) Buongiorno c) Bonsoir 3) What is France's most famous tower? a) Big Ben b) Leaning Tower of Pisa c) The Eiffel Tower 4) What do French people eat for breakfast? a) Pancakes b) Croissant c) Cake 5) What strange Food do French People eat? a) Frogs b) Mice c) Snails 6) What is their favourite bread? a) Ciabatta b) Baguette c) Sliced Bread 7) Who was a famous French leader? a) Napoleon Bonaparte b) Julius Caesar c) King Henry VIII 8) What is the most famous drink in France? a) Coca Cola b) Coffee c) Wine 9) What is the biggest museum in the world? a) The ermitage b) The Louvre c) The British Museum 10) What was illegal in France in the 16th Century?  a) Potatoes b) Books c) Foreign foods




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