1) What time do you get up? a) I gets up at 7.00. b) I getted up 7.00. c) I get up 7.00. d) I get up at 7.00. e) I up get at 7.00. f) Yes 2) What time does your mum have breakfast? a) He have breakfast 7.30. b) She have breakfast 7.30. c) She have breakfast at 7.30. d) Yes, She can. e) No, she isn't. f) She has breakfast at 7.30. 3) What time do you go to bed? a) Yes, I am b) No, I'm not. c) She is happy. d) I go to bed 9.00 a.m. e) I go to bed at 9 p.m. f) She goes to bed at 9.00 p.m. 4) Does she go to school at 8.30? a) Yes, I am. b) No, she can. c) Yes, she does. d) Yes, he does. e) Yes, you is. f) No, we aren't. 5) Paul _______ to school. a) go b) get c) swim d) flies e) goes f) run 6) Susan _______ her teeth. a) watches b) brushs c) brushies d) brushes e) wash f) washed 7) My dad _______ TV. a) seed b) saw c) watched d) sign up e) reads f) watches 8) My mum ________ the dishes. (WASH the dishes: lavare i piatti) a) washes b) wash c) washed d) washing e) washis f) washies




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