I have got a brand new car., You've got a big detached house., She has got some really nice gloves., He's got a semi-detached house, near the city centre., My cat has got black pointed ears., We've got some bikes in the basement., You have got two floors in your flat., They've got two badminton rackets behind the door in the attic., My grandma has got a big washing-machine upstairs., My father's got new glasses in his pocket., Have you got any red roses in your garden?, Has Jenny got a lamp on the bedside table? Yes, she has., Have we got Science on Tuesday? No, you haven't., Have you got a tennis racket? Yes, I have., Have they got a park in front of their school? No, they haven't., Has he got a three pairs of jeans in his wardrobe? No, he hasn't., Have Pete and Jane got a separate dining room in their summer house in Naples?, Have you got a ticket for the ACDC concert? No, I haven't., Has the pig got a long tail? No, it hasn't, Have we got football training this week? Yes, you have., Have you got my dirty shoes in your gym locker? No, I haven't, Has she got any sweets in her rucksack? Yes, she has., Has William got any friends in that new Chinese course?, Has the bat got any wings? Yes, it has., Have we got any crisps in the lunch box? No, we haven't. Too bad!, We haven't got any guitars for the Music lesson., They haven't got a games console in their bedroom., You haven't got any shelves in your living room., I haven't got any supermarkets in front of my mountain chalet., She hasn't got any school supplies in her schoolbag., He hasn't got a cinema next to his clothes shop., It hasn't got any feathers., You haven't got a jeep in your garage..




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