1) Helen's car isn't very big. She wants a ... one. a) bigger b) biger c) big 2) My job isn't very interesting. I want to do something ... ... . a) more interesting b) interesting c) interestinger 3) You're not very tall. Your bother is ... . a) tall b) taller c) tallest 4) David doesn't work very hard. I work ... . a) hardest b) hard c) harder 5) My chair isn't very comfortable. Yours is ... ... a) more comfortable b) comfortable c) comfortabler 6) Your plan isn't very good. My plan is ... . a) better b) gooder c) good 7) These flowers aren't very nice. The blue ones are ... . a) nice b) nicer c) more nice 8) My bag isn't very heavy. Your bag is ... . a) heavier b) heavyer c) more heavy 9) I am not very interested in art. I'm ... ... in history a) more interested b) interesteder c) interested 10) It isn't very warm today. It was ... yesterday a) warmer b) warm c) warmest 11) These tomatoes don't taste very good. The other ones tasted ... . a) better b) gooder c) good 12) Britain isn't very big. France is ... .  a) bigger b) big c) biggest 13) London isn't very beautiful. Paris is ... ... . a) more beautiful b) beautiful c) beautifuler 14) This knife isn't very sharp. Have you got ... one? a) sharp b) sharper c) sharpest 15) People today aren't polite. In the past they were ... ... .  a) more polite b) politer c) polite




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