1) Easter is ... a) a moveable feast b) always on the same date c) always in April 2) Easter is always celebrated on ... a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday 3) The Friday before Easter is known as ... a) Easter Friday b) Lent Friday c) Good Friday 4) Easter day is commemorated as the day ... a) that Jesus was born b) that Jesus died c) that Jesus was resurrected 5) Which animal is a symbol of Easter? a) the chick b) the rabbit c) the duck 6) The week before Easter is known as .... a) Holly week b) Christams week c) Easter week 7) What kind of hunt is usually done at Easter? a) Rabbit hunt b) Chick hunt c) Egg hunt 8) The easter bunny carries the eggs in ... a) basket b) box c) bag 9) ... all over the world celebrate Easter a) Christians b) Children c) Parents 10) There are ... for children on Easter day a) chocolate eggs b) presents c) ice cream 11) We have eggs at Easter because ... a) they taste nice b) Jesus likes eggs c) they are a symbol of rebirth 12) What is considered the easter flower? a) tulip b) rose c) lilly 13) The date of Easter is ... a) April 2nd b) March 30th c) different every year 14) On Easter day people make special sweet bread called  a) hot cross bread b) hot cross bun c) hot cross cake 15) In this Easter game children look for eggs. This game is called ... a) an Easter egg hunt b) Humpty Dumpty c) Esater egg tapping




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