1) This ... is frozen, so you should put it in microwave for three minutes a) food b) spoon c) apron 2) I need a ... to fry some vegetables a) plate b) frying pan c) pot 3) I need a .... to boil water a) frying pan b) pot c) bowl 4) Of course, I need a ... to make a toast a) fridge b) coffee machine c) toaster 5) Please remember to put milk back into the ...  a) dishwasher b) fridge c) rubbish bin 6) People keep their ... (knives, forks, spoons) in a drawer in the kitchen a) cutlery b) apron c) mugs 7) You use a ... when you have soup or cereal a) mug b) cup c) bowl 8) For water you use a glass. But for coffee or tea you use a ... a) cup b) bowl c) spoon 9) You use a .... to boil water when you want to make tea. a) kettle b) frying pan c) pot 10) You use a ... to cook food. a) cooker b) dishwasher c) rubbish bin 11) People use a ... to put food on it a) plate b) pot c) napkins 12) People use ... to wipe the mouth or hands a) napkins b) spoons c) forks 13) This food is frozen, so you should put it in the ... for five minutes a) rubbish bin b) dishwasher c) microwave 14) If you want to make a pie, you heat an .... and put it inside a) oven b) dishwasher c) fridge




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