Her name ____ Mandy. She ____ at the Sip Cafe. She ____ to the cafe every morning at six o'clock. She ____ the cafe and sets the tables. The other waiters ____ at seven o'clock. They ____ the kitchen. The first customer ____ in about 7:30. Mandy takes a break at 10 o'clock. She ____ work at 2 o'clock. Sometimes she ____ her friends for lunch. This is Michael. He ____ ten years old. He ____ got short dark hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. Michael ____ in London with his family. His ____ is a teacher and his mother is a lawyer. Michael ____ any brothers and sisters. He ____ basketball and ____ to be a professional basketball player. He ____ school a lot. He ____ to school from Monday to Friday. In his free time, he loves playing ____




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