beach - I love spending my summer on a ... holiday with my family, citybreak - My friend and I are planing a ... ... in London next month, backpacking  - He is going on a ... trip across Europe for six months, adventure - She wants to go on an ... travel and climb Mountain Everest, cultural - We booked a ... tour of Japan to learn about its culture and traditions, ski - Every winter we go on a ... holiday to the Alps, honeymoon - They are having their ... vocation in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach, weekend - I need a ... getaway to disconnect and recharge my batteries, business - He travels a lot for work, he is on his ... trip almost every week , family - Our ... vocation this year will be at a theme park in Florida, allinclusive - The ... ... package includes flights, meal and excursions, road - Let's take a ... trip across the United States to see all the national parks, camping - They are going on a ... excursion in the mountains, sleeping in tents under the stars,




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