What can we do about junk food adverts for children? The World Health organisation (WHO) believes that junk food adverts are ____ ____ a lot of obesity in children. It is very ____ ____ this problem. American children are ____ ____ food and drink adverts on TV. The average teenager watches sixteen every day! But now the food companies are also making computer games with junk food adverts. These games are very ____ ____ children. The adverts are usually for food that is ____ ____ fat and sugar, for example burgers, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks. Most children are very ____ ____ these foods, but of course they are ____ ____ you. And after they watch the adverts, the children eat on average 45% more junk food.The food industry says that this is not a problem. The WHO is ____ ____ this attitude, because obesity in children is increasing every year. The WHO wants to ban junk food advertising for children in all countries. In Quebec, Sweden and Norway, they are already banned.




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