1) I ________ to bed at seven o'clock. a) goes b) go c) has d) have 2) She _______ lunch at twelve o'clock. a) have b) goes c) has d) go 3) He _________ breakfast at nine o'clock. a) has b) go c) goes d) have 4) He __________ on the computer game at half past one. a) play b) have c) plays d) goes 5) I work at ___________ (15:00). a) three o'clock b) half past three c) fifteen o'clock d) quarter to three 6) She has supper at ___________ (19:25). a) half past seven b) twenty-five to nine c) half past seven d) twenty-five past seven 7) What time is it? a) It's half past eleven. b) It's twenty to twelve. c) It's forty to twelve. d) It's twenty past twelve. 8) What time is it? a) It's ten to ten. b) It's ten o'clock. c) It's ten past ten. d) It's half past ten. 9) What time is it? a) It's ten to two. b) It's eight to two. c) It's fifty past two. d) It's eight to forteen. 10) What time is it? a) It's fourteen o'clock. b) It's four o'clock. c) It's sixteen o'clock. d) It's half past four.




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