1) Yesterday I ____ two hours doing that English project. a) made b) had c) spent d) took 2) It ___ me a long time to learn the poem, because remembering is not my cup of tea. a) made b) had c) spent d) took 3) When I started working I didn't ___ a lot of money. a) do b) earn c) win d) make 4) My sister ___ a music degree at university and now she plays in an orchestra. a) did b) earned c) made d) took 5) The other day we ___ so much fun discussing our future trip to England. a) did b) had c) made d) spent 6) When I was at a summer camp I ___ a lot of new friends from all over the world. a) did b) made c) had d) went 7) I didn't ___ very well at the exam last week because of the mistakes. a) take b) have c) make d) do 8) My parents ___ their best to give me a good education. a) took b) made c) did d) spent 9) I would never believe that it is possible to __ anything in a raffle. a) earn b) win c) take d) make 10) During the working day we usually ___ a few breaks to restore the energy. a) make b) spend c) have d) take

2_Confusing verbs do, earn, make, spend, take, win




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