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1) We can fight inequalities by: a) Making sure that all children have access to a good education b) Making sure that everyone is wearing the same clothes c) Making sure that everyone watch the same TV 2) In 2030, what percentage of the world’s population will live in urban areas? a) 60% b) 100% c) 20% 3) Plastic bags are dangerous for turtles because sometimes they think they are... a) a shell b) food c) a toy 4) How can you use less water? a) There's no shortage of water where I live, I can use as much as I like b) By taking a shower rather than a bath c) By drinking sweetened fizzy drinks instead of water 5) What is a sustainable factory? a) A factory that has been built long ago and is still functioning b) A factory that produces toxic waste c) A factory that causes no damage to the environment




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