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1) What is the best way to fight poverty? a) Do nothing and ignore the problem b) Share the wealth produced in the world c) Prevent foreigners from entering your country 2) We must protect our forests to fight climate change because : a) Forests are good places to play b) Trees produce oxygen c) We need wood for building houses d) 3) How much food is wasted every day worldwide? a) None, as all the food is eaten or frozen b) One third of all food produced c) Very little, as people have dramatically reduced the waste 4) The extinction of animal species is due to… a) Human activities b) Animals eating each other c) The frequency emissions of mobile phones 5) What is best for a newborn baby? a) Being bottle fed b) Drinking water c) Breastfeeding 6) How many people are living in extreme poverty worldwide? a) Around 800 people b) Around 8,000 people c) Over 800 million people 7) Oil is the most polluting industry in the world. Which industry comes second? a) Coal extraction b) Textile industry c) Cellphone industry




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