1) Which of the following items is necessary in a laboratory for safety purposes? a) Computer b) Triple beam balance c) Metric ruler d) Fire extinguisher 2) Which of the following would be safe to do during an experiment? a) Running in the classroom b) Touching hot surfaces c) Following science room rules d) Leaving a water spill on the floor 3) Why are the schoolbags left outside of the science room? a) To avoid dirtying the science room b) To avoid disturbing movement of pupils c) To conduct the experiment faster 4) Jessica did not get to finish her lunch before her class went to the science lab. What should Jessica do? a) Finish eating before joining her class in the science lab b) Bring her lunch to the science lab to finish eating c) Throw away everything but her healthy fruit so she can eat nutritious food in the science lab d) Throw away everything but her milk so she can drink her milk in the science lab 5) Which of the Science Room rules is not obeyed by the pupil? a) Carry out an activity in the Science Room b) Talking in the Science Room c) Eat or drink in the Science Room d) Play around in the Science Room 6) What will happen if a pupil throws rubbish into the sink? a) Nothing will happen b) The sink will be clogged c) The teacher will throw away the rubbish d) The water will clean up the rubbish 7) Why are we not allowed to run and play in the Science Room? a) To prevent any accident from occuring b) So that the science activity can be carried out c) To make Science Room always tidy d) So that the pupils will feel happy 8) If a chemical splashes or spills on your skin, the best method for treatment is to a) Wait for the chemicals to evaporate off your skin b) Immediately wash the affected areas with water c) Wipe the chemical off the area with a paper towel 9) Before conducting an experiment, read all ____________ a) material list b) data c) hypothesis d) instructions 10) If you see a science experiment set up in the classroom... a) immediately begin working on the lab. b) walk around and check each station. c) do not touch anything until instructed. d) go and check all equipment.




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