1) She waits at the_______________. a) bus stop b) bustop c) busstop 2) He likes to eat_________________. a) eggrolls b) egg rolls c) egrols 3) Please buy a tube of_____________. a) toothpaste b) teethpaste c) tooth paste 4) Please erase the _________ for me. a) blackboard b) black board c) black boards 5) He always gets up before ___________. a) sunnrise b) sun rise c) sunrise 6) My sister came home with a new ____________. a) hair style b) hairstyle c) hairstyles 7) Be sure to add bleach into the _____________. a) washingmachine b) washingmesin c) washing machine 8) I love watching ________ at the Kuala Selangor Park. a) fireflies b) fire flies c) firefly 9) Let's watch the ________ tonight. a) fullmoon b) fulmon c) full moon 10) I would prefer swimming at a __________ than sea. a) swimming pull b) swimming pool c) swimmingpool



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