1) Rita will ________buy the book ________ borrow it from the library. a) either, or b) and, but c) because, so d) although, because 2) Alice went to work ________ she was ill. a) because b) either c) although d) and 3) We could hardly see Kevin at night _________ he wore a black shirt. a) and b) although c) or d) because 4) _______ Peter _______ Ken stole the watch. a) Either, or b) Either, and c) But, so d) Either, nor 5) Would you like a piece of cake _______ a bun? a) either b) and c) so d) or 6) Mei Ling studied hard ________ she did well in the exam. a) or b) so c) and d) but 7) We can _______ buy this handbag _______ that scarf for mum. a) either, or b) and, so c) but, and d) so, although 8) They tried to move the cupboard ______ it was too heavy. a) so b) or c) but d) because 9) Lee Ya _______ her mother went to the market this morning. a) or b) so c) and d) neither 10) Fariz should ________ buy a cheaper pair of boots ________ save until he has enough money. a) either, or b) neither, nor c) so, but d) but, and

Year 6 Unit 2 Conjunctions




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