1) What animal is this? a) It is a dog. b) it is a mouse. c) it is a cat. 2) Find a fruit? a) Carrot b) Flower c) Apple d) Lady bug 3) Find the farm animal a) Tiger b) Horse c) Snake d) Humming Bird 4) Find a pet? a) Pig b) Hamster c) Zebra 5) What season are we in? a) Spring b) Summer c) Autumn d) Winter 6) What should we do with plastic? a) Recycle b) Throw it away c) Burn it 7) A caterpillar becomes a ...? a) Bee b) Butterfly c) Frog 8) Which animal lives in this habitat? a) Lion b) Monkey c) Dolphin d) Polar Bear 9) Where does milk come from? a) cow b) fridge c) super market 10) Which one is alive? a) flame b) rock c) tree

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