1) ____________ the mobile phone was expensive, it was worth buying. a) Since b) Yet c) Although d) So 2) She didn't come to school ________ she was sick. a) because b) and c) yet d) so 3) His hair keeps falling _________he is using the wrong shampoo. a) because b) since c) or d) and 4) I have not heard from Hanif _________ he left Malaysia. a) since b) and c) because d) yet 5) It has been raining ________ an hour. a) for   b) and c) because d) although 6) Aisya wiped the table _______ chairs. a) and b) so c) for d) or 7) The city has good facilities _________ it is noisy. a) but b) so c) because d) or 8) It is twelve midnight ______ Irfan has not come back. a) so b) yet c) and d) so 9) Auni was sick ________ she went to school. a) and b) so c) but d) because 10) Do you want a skateboard ______ a bicycle? a) or b) and c) but d) so 11) The cake is delicious _________ she finished it all by herself. a) and b) but c) or d) so 12) Encik Aiman missed the flight ________ he rushed to the airport. a) because b) so c) although d) but 13) The weather is hot _________ it has not rained for a week. a) for b) so c) because d) although 14) Is Nuha waiting at the entrance _________ inside the shop? a) or b) and c) so d) but 15) Amir wanted to play outside ______ it was raining. a) but b) and c) so d) or 16) I have two goldfish _________ a kitten. a) and b) or c) for d) but 17) She tip-toed into the room _________ she didn't want to wake the baby. a) although b) because c) and d) or 18) _________ the television is on, there is no one watching. a) Although b) And c) Because d) Or 19) The teacher is happy __________ her pupils are also happy. a) and b) because c) but d) although 20) Indra gets good grades __________ she studies every day. a) although b) because c) for d) and




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