1) The children _______ at the playground. a) play b) playing c) plays 2) Sharon ______ the floor every Thursday. a) swept b) sweeps c) sweeping 3) Jimbun ____ his batik shirt to the party last night. a) weared b) wears c) wore 4) These _____ my uncle' s stamps. a) is b) are c) were d) was 5) We ____ three sisters. a) had b) has c) have 6) Eric and his younger brother like _________ television. a) watching b) watch c) watched 7) Pak Ali's nephew ______ a big kite. a) had b) having c) has 8) Farid's father ______ forty years old. a) am b) is c) has 9) It is _____ beautiful doll. a) - b) am c) a 10) My niece is a _______. She owns a ______ . a) florist , florist  b) florist' s ,  florist c) florist , florist's



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