Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) At three o'clock tomorrow, I __________ ( work ) in my office. a) will be worked b) shall be worked c) will be working 2) I __________ ( write ) my exam this time tomorrow. a) will be writing b) will be wrote c) will write 3) We __________ (watch) a movie in the evening. a) will watch b) shall be watching c) watched 4) They __________ (celebrate) their anniversary next month. a) will celebrate b) will be celebrate c) shall be celebrating 5) The dog ____________ (waiting) for his master at the gate. a) will be waiting b) waited c) waiting 6) We ___________(swim) in the sea this time tomorrow. a) shall swim b) swimming c) will be swimming 7) They __________ (visit) Japan next month. a) visit b) will be visiting c) will be visited 8) I __________ (have) a discussion with my boss tomorrow. a) shall be having b) shall have c) having 9) He ____________ ( enjoy ) the holidays in December. a) enjoying b) will be enjoyed c) will be enjoying 10) She ____________ ( go ) to the market tomorrow. a) shall go b) will be going c) will go 11) The children ____________ ( learn ) lessons in the classroom. a) learning b) will learn c) will be learning 12) I _____________ ( take ) tea until 5 o’clock today. a) will be taking b) shall take c) will be taken 13) It ______________ ( storm ) tomorrow. a) will be storming b) will storm c) storming 14) He ____________ ( attend ) a webinar next Monday. a) attending b) will be attending c) shall be attending 15) The passengers ____________ ( pass ) on the railway bridge. a) passing b) will be pass c) will be passing 16) I ________________ ( travell ) around the world next year. a) shall travel b) will be traveling c) will travel 17) I ______________ ( read ) the book. a) shall read b) will be read c) shall be reading 18) I _____________ ( take ) the exam next month. a) will be taking b) shall take c) will take 19) Nimra ______________ ( write ) an interesting story. a) writing b) will be writing c) shall write 20) Peter _________________ ( run )on the jogging track the next morning. a) running b) shall be run c) will be running

English Year 5 : Grammar : Future Continuous Tense



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