Sentence 1: I've finally decided to change the kitchen sink. Sentence 2: I'm ____ change the kitchen sink. Sentence 1: Sam and Sophie have planned to meet in the library this afternoon. Sentence 2: Sam and Sophie ____ in the library this afternoon Sentence 1: I'm catching the 7.45 train. Sentence 2: The train ____ at 7.45. Sentence 1: Mr Brown has arranged to show us the bungalow today. Sentence 2: Mr Brown ____ us the bungalow today Sentence 1: The first day of the school holidays is Thursday 16th July. Sentence 2: The school holidays ____ on Thursday 16th July Sentence 1: Jenny intends to use the lift. Sentence 2: Jenny ____ to use the lift.

Future Plans and Event/ Future Prediction - Exercise F



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