Cheeseburgers come from the US. They're meat with ____ in bread. They're very good. Noodles come from China. You can have ____ with meat and vegetables. You can also have them in soup. They're yummy!. Souvlaki comes from Greece. It's meat with vegetables in ____. Sometimes there's yoghurt in it and chips, too. Crepes come from France. They're like thin pancakes. French people eat ____ with cheese. There are also sweet crepes, with jam or chocolate late. Cheeseburgers ____ from US. Crepes ____ from France. Noodles ____ from China. Souvlaki ____ from Greece. I can spell ____. I love noodles in ____. My favourite street food is ____. ____ is delicious.

English Year 3 (Unit 6, page 58)



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