1) How was your weekend? a) No, thanks. b) Yes, please. c) Great, thanks. d) ok 2) I went to the tennis match. a) Hi, Beth. b) Was it good? c) OK, then. d) Have you eaten my popcorn? 3) Who were you with? a) My mum and sister. b) Cool! c) The food was good. d) Nobody. 4) Why don't you come next time? a) Bye. b) Sure! Why not? c) Yes, it was great! d) I don't want to. 5) Text me when you're going, OK? a) That's good news. b) It was brilliant. c) OK, then. d) Fine. 6) What did you do last night? a) I watched a movie with my parents. b) Goodbye. c) I like to eat burgers. d) I'm fine. 7) What is your favorite animal? a) Penguin. b) My favorite animal is the tiger. c) Donkeys are my favorite animal. d) Thanks. 8) Hi, how are you? a) I am OK. b) I'm fine thank you. How about you? c) I like ducks. d) I love sports. 9) Are you feeling well? a) Yes, I am. b) Yes c) No, I am not. d) No 10) What is your favorite color? a) Pink color. b) Blue. c) My favorite color is pink. d) Grey.



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