1) It was Monday morning and Amelia was sitting ___________ at the bus stop and waiting for the bus. a) quiet b) quietly c) hurriedly d) badly 2) Many students were waiting __________at the bus stop to take the bus to school. a) patiently b) fast c) angrily d) gracefully 3) They were holding their books _______ because they did not want them to drop on the floor. a) boldly b) easily c) carefully d) vigorously 4) She read the advertisement ____________. a) careful b) carefully c) sadly d) loudly 5) She then walked__________towards the advertisement and read it again and again. a) slowly b) softly c) desperately d) tightly 6) There were pictures of cell phones arranged_________on shelves. a) wisely b) bravely c) loudly d) neatly 7) Amelia felt excited and her heart was beating ________. a) fast b) fastly c) quick d) quickly 8) She ______ called her friend to inquire more about the cell phones. a) quick b) quickly c) roughly d) carefully 9) She boarded the bus___________. a) badly b) gladly c) sadly d) lazily 10) All the students who saw the incident ran ___________ to her aid. a) slowly b) gladly c) hurriedly d) calmly 11) She ____ laid the baby in the crib. a) soon b) carefully c) excitedly 12) Sam _____ slipped on the ice. a) always b) below c) accidentally d) hopefully 13) He _____________ the butterflies. a) watchs b) watch c) watches d) watching 14) The police officer _________ the door open for a friend. a) pulles b) pulled c) pull d) pulls 15) A dolphin ____________ swiftly through the water. a) swims b) swimming c) swimes d) swam 16) Mr. Klenk _________ in his finest outfit for the chorus concert. a) dress b) dresss c) dresses d) dressing 17) The student _____________ with the yellow pencil. a) writes b) write c) wrote d) writing 18) She _____________ to get home to practice piano. a) rushs b) rush c) rusis d) rushes 19) The kittens ____________ with his new toy. a) playing b) plays c) play d) playes 20) The bee _____________ around the flowers. a) buzz b) buzzes c) buzzs d) buzziz 21) Carlos______________(build) a Lego castle. a) is building b) are building c) built d) are built 22) I___________ telling really bad jokes right now! a) am b) is c) are d) being 23) You_____________ coloring the picture with ease. a) are b) is c) am d) being 24) Jorgue_____________(enjoy) that pizza so much! a) is enjoying b) enjoyed c) are enjoying d) enjoy 25) Bukhari ______________ with his girlfriend a) is talking b) are talking c) are talk d) is talk 26) I think I (forget) _______________________________ to buy some bread a) I think I has forgotten to buy some bread b) I think I have forgotten to buy some bread c) I think I have forgot to buy some bread d) I think I has forgot to buy some bread 27) I'm not happy. I still my cell phone. a) found b) haven't found c) hasn't found d) haven't find 28) Jason and Clara _________________ friends for more than 10 years. a) has been b) have be c) have been d) ave being 29) I __________________ a student for five years.  a) have been b) has been c) have be d) have was 30) _______________ he (call) _______________________ María? a) Have he called María? b) Have he call María? c) Has he called María? d) Have he calling María?



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