1) ____________ your seat belt. a) hasten b) fasten c) tighten d) lighten 2) Don't _________ your head out of the window. a) stick b) pick c) take d) stop 3) _____ a helmet. a) bear b) hear c) wear d) ware 4) _______ both hand on the handlebars. a) Wear b) Take c) Stick d) Keep 5) __________ out for cars! a) Stick b) Watch c) Keep d) Fasten 6) ___________ on the pavement. a) Watch b) Fasten c) Walk d) Wear 7) __________ both ways a) Walk b) Look c) Watch d) Keep 8) __________ at the crossing. a) look b) stick c) follow d) cross 9) Don't _______ in the streets. a) pray b) play c) pay d) slay 10) What is this? a) helmet b) handlebars c) seat belt 11) What is this? a) pavement b) street c) zebra crossing 12) What is this? a) road b) pavement c) crossing 13) What is this? a) handlebars b) helmet c) seat belt

Y4 M6 : GETTING AROUND - sing a song (page 59)



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