A ____ looks like a motorbike with three ____. The driver sits in the ____, and two to three people can sit in the ____. Many ____ take tuk-tuks in Thailand. They can be ____ than taxis. Riding in tuk-tuks is fun and ____, too! ____ are long boats. In the past, people used them in ____, Italy, to get from one ____ to another. Gondolas are very ____. Riding in a gondola isn't very ____, but tourists ____ it! People ride ____ on snow. Snowmobiles ____ got wheels. They have got ____ .They can go very ____. Snowmobile drivers have to wear a ____ and very ____ clothes. It can get very ____ on a snowmobile. ____ has got wheels. ____ is a kind of boat. ____ haven't got wheels. ____ is slow. ____ drivers have to wear warm clothes. Tourists take ____.

Y4 M6 : GETTING AROUND - Different Means of Transportation (page 62)




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