1) ___orchid a) A b) The c) An 2) ___is your name? a) Who b) What c) Whom 3) ___did you speak on the on phone? a) Who b) Which c) Whom 4) She used to cook___half an hour. a) in b) on c) at 5) We left home__6.50 a.m a) on b) in c) at 6) The puppy is sleeping___the basket. a) into b) in 7) Only___students did well in the recent exams. a) a lot much b) some c) a few 8) She goes to temple___train. a) with b) by 9) There is___milk in the refrigerator. a) some b) much c) many 10) ___bag is this? a) Which b) Who c) Whose



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