1) You _____ have seen my brother in the park yesterday; he's doing time in prison a) can't b) wouldn't c) couldn't d) mustn't 2) 'Did you go to the prison to see Dan today?' 'Yes. I _____ visit him for an hour.' a) can b) should c) was allowed to d) could 3) You _____ make one phone call to your lawyer. a) are able b) may c) are allowed d) would 4) 'Somebody is in the garden.' 'We _____ phone the police!' a) should b) ought c) may d) might 5) You _____ our lawyer - I'd already made an appointment for us to see her.' a) couldn't have called b) can't have called c) needn't have called d) don't need to call 6) 'Could I see the judge, please?' 'No, she _____ leave the courtroom right now.' a) isn't able to b) couldn't c) isn't allowed d) might not 7) Always be good and honest. You _____ break the law. a) wouldn't b) didn't need to c) don't have to d) mustn't 8) 'We _____ to have more laws to prevent people from killing animals,' 'You're right. Something must be done.' a) could b) need c) can d) are able 9) '_____ I take you to the police station so that you can tell them what you know about the fire?' 'Yes, please, Dad.' a) Shall b) Let c) Would d) Must



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