1) The young man shouldn't have driven so fast through the town (ought) » The young man _____ so fast through the town a) ought not to have driven b) ought to drive c) would not have driven 2) We left our house during the heavy rain because we thought it would flood, but it didn't. (needn't) » We _____ our house during the heavy rain because it didn't flood. a) need b) supposed to have left c) needn't have left 3) The police think it is possible that the victim knew the burglar. (might) » The police think the victim _____ the burglar. a) may have known b) might had knew c) might have known 4) Keep out of this building: it is unsafe after the earthquake! (mustn't) » You _____ this building because it is unsafe after the earthquake! a) mustn't enter b) go into c) must had 5) Do you want us to buy this new eco-friendly product? (shall) » _____ buy this new eco-friendly product? a) Should they b) Shall we c) Shall they 6) How do you cope with her bad behaviour? (up) » How do you _____ her bad behaviour? a) put up with b) handle c) put upon 7) There will be about 9 billion people on the planet in 2050. (reached) » By 2050, the number of people on the planet _____ about 9 billion. a) will have reached b) would reach c) will be



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