1) Where do cheeseburgers come from? a) They come from the Greece. b) They come from the China. c) They come from the US. d) They come from the France. 2) What are cheeseburgers? a) They're prawn and cheese in bread. b) They're meat and cheese in bread. c) They're vegetables and cheese in bread. d) They're cheese in bread. 3) What is in a souvlaki? a) There's vegetables and sometimes there's yoghurt. b) There's meat and sometimes there's chips. c) They's meat, vegetables and sometimes there's yoghurt and chips, too. d) There's meat, vegetables and sometimes there's chips too. 4) Where is souvlaki from? a) It's from US. b) It's from Greece. c) It's from China. d) It's from France. 5) Are there vegetables in noodle? a) Yes, there are. b) No, there aren't. 6) Can you have noodles in soup? a) No, you can't. b) Yes, you can. 7) Where do crepes come from? a) They're from Greece. b) They're from US. c) They're from France. d) They're from China. 8) What is in a sweet crepe? a) There's jam. b) There's jam and chocolate. c) There's chocolate. d) There's jam or chocolate.



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