1) Anne hasn’t got a bike, ____________ she always goes to school on foot. a) so b) or c) for 2) We love languages , ___________ we study English and Russian. a) or b) so c) and 3) I’m not very interested in Geography, Science ____________ ICT. a) or b) and c) so 4) I think the most difficult subjects are French, maths ________ history. a) so b) for c) and 5) My parents like pizzas, _______________ they always go to that Italian pizza restaurant. a) and b) so c) for 6) My School is far away, ___________ I need to get up at 6.00 every morning. a) and b) yet c) so 7) We’re studying ICT at school, _______________ we often use the computers. a) and b) because c) so 8) Every Friday afternoon we do science, PE ____________ art. a) and b) so c) but




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