Firefighter - I help to put out fire and help people in need., Waiter - I take orders and serve food to customers., Lifeguard - I save and prevent peoples from drowning., Doctor - I help and treat sick peoples., Pilot - I fly planes and work for airlines., Farmer - I raise animals and grow plants., Engineer - I design and build buildings., Plumber - I install and repair pipes., Police - I protect peoples and solve crimes., Teacher - I help peoples to learn., Fisherman - I catch fishes., Astronaut - I work in space., Musician - I play musical instruments., Singer - I sing songs to peoples., Tailor - I make clothes., Chef - I cook and create menus for customers., Lawyer - I work in court and give advice on legal matters., Artist - I paint and make arts., Veterinarian - I help to treat sick animals., Hairdresser - I cut and style hair.,




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