1) __________ near the swimming pool. a) Don't run b) Don't swim c) Run 2) Please _____ quiet in the library. a) don't keep b) keep c) talk 3) _____ the salt. a) Keep b) Pass c) Throw 4) ________ too many snack. a) Eat b) Don't eat c) Don't drink 5) _______ more vegetables to stay healthy. a) Eat b) Don't eat c) Drink 6) _______ too many fizzy drinks. a) Drink b) Don't drink c) Don't eat 7) _______ everyday to keep fit. a) Exercise b) Don't exercise c) Sleep 8) ________ late at night. a) Sleep b) Don't sleep c) Play 9) _______ the zebra crossing to cross. a) Use b) Don't use c) Walk 10) _______ more milk for stronger bones. a) Don't drink b) Eat c) Drink

Y5 UNIT 5 : FOOD AND HEALTH - imperative sentences



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