1) The bicycle is ______ the tree. a) under b) across c) at d) on e) in 2) The crocodile carried the mouse deer ______ the river. a) above b) along c) across d) up e) by 3) Mrs. Mary walks quietly ______ the corridor. a) since b) on c) in d) up e) along 4) He sits ______ the river alone. a) down b) over c) by d) into e) until 5) We are going to the cinema ______ 3 o'clock. a) in b) at c) between d) through e) during 6) She threw her bag ______ the floor and went to bed. a) on b) at c) over d) since e) before 7) Linda walks ______ stairs lazily. a) along b) on c) at d) up e) between 8) I have not seen Kumar ______ yesterday. a) since b) up c) over d) behind e) along 9) Pour the water ______ the container. a) down b) among c) above d) across e) into 10) Edmund hid ______ the door for an hour. a) in front of b) behind c) beside d) at e) into



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