1) Mrs. Johnston had glue sticks to give to her class of 22 students. After giving each student 3 glue sticks, she still had 3 left. How many glue sticks did Mrs. Johnston have? a) 69 b) 70 c) 71 d) 72 2) A number is less than 50 and a common multiple of 6 and 8. The sum of its digits is 6. What is the number? a) 20 b) 22 c) 24 d) 26 3) The sum of two numbers is 9,000 and one number is 2,361. Find the other number. a) 6629 b) 6649 c) 6539 d) 6639 4) A number has 7 at the tens place. There is a five in the thousands place. The number 5 is at the hundreds place. The number 5 is at the ones place. What is the number? a) 7555 b) 5575 c) 5557 d) 5755 5) Of all the numbers between 10 and 99 inclusive, how many times does the digit "1" appear? a) 19 b) 20 c) 21 d) 22 6) How many rectangles are in the drawing below? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 7) It is 5:30 pm. What time will it be 180 minutes from now? a) 8.30am b) 8.30pm c) 9.30am d) 9.30pm 8) Ken bought a book for $8.35 and a bag of pens for $3.25. He used a $20 bill to pay for them. How much change did Ken get? a) $11.60 b) $11.65 c) $8.40 d) $8.30 9) Rohit is 4 years old. His sister is 10 years older than him. How old will his sister be in 2 years time? a) 10 years old b) 12 years old c) 14 years old d) 16 years old 10) Third-grade students went to a theatre in 8 buses. Each bus took 45 students. How many students went to the theatre? a) 360 b) 400 c) 440 d) 480 11) How many sevens are there in 735? a) 0 b) 1 c) 105 d) 110 12) Jane's parent bought a pizza. Jane ate half of the pizza and her brother ate half of the remaining pizza. How much of the pizza is left? a) 0 b) 1/2 c) 1/3 d) 1/4 13) How many months are there in 9 years? a) 12 months b) 108 months c) 118 months d) 128 months 14) Susan lives in an apartment building. There are 9 levels above her and 5 levels below her. How many levels are there in the building? a) 12 levels b) 13 levels c) 14 levels d) 15 levels 15) Kate started to read chapter books. She read 1 book in January, 2 books in February, 3 books in March. If she continues to read 1 more book each month, how many books in all would she have read by the end of April? a) 10 books b) 11 books c) 12 books d) 13 books 16) What is the largest odd number between 10 and 30? a) 27 b) 28 c) 29 d) 30 17) Today is Monday. What day of the week is 8 days from tomorrow? a) Tuesday b) Wednesday c) Thursday d) Friday 18) In the lunch line for pizza, Rakish is 8th counting from the front and 18th counting from the back. How many people are in the lunch line for pizza? a) 24 people b) 25 people c) 26 people d) 27 people 19) How many cubes are in the stack? Assume there is nothing behind the 2nd row of cubes. a) 16 cubes b) 20 cubes c) 24 cubes d) 28 cubes 20) A young man is 19 cm taller than his sister. She is 169 cm tall. The man is 49 cm taller than a cow. How tall is the cow? a) 237 cm b) 188 cm c) 218 cm d) 139 cm 21) Leah used three similar rolls of ribbon to tie some presents. After she used them, Roll A had 2/3 of the ribbon left, Roll B had 1/3 of the ribbon left, and Roll C had 2/4 of the ribbon left. Which roll of ribbon had the greatest amount of ribbon left? a) Roll A b) Roll B c) Roll C 22) Imran, Tim and Ken each bought a similar pie. Imran ate 7/10 of his pie. Tim ate 3/5 of his pie. Ken ate 1/2 of his pie. Who ate the biggest portion? a) Tim b) Ken c) Imran 23) Look at the number line and what mixed number does C represent? a) 2/3 b) 4 2/3 c) 1/3 d) 4 1/3 24) What is (5/8 of 64) + (1/2 of 60)?  a) 70 b) 40 c) 30 d) 60 25) Look at each point marked with a cross (x) on the number line. What is (a) and (b)? a) (a) = 2.6 hundredths, (b) = 3.7 hundredths b) (a) = 2.6 tenths ,(b) = 3.7 tenths c) (a) = 26 hundredths ,(b) = 37 hundredths d) (a) = 26 tenths, (b) =37 tenths 26) Straw A is 11 cm 7 mm long. Straw B is 114 mm long. Straw C is 11.07cm. Straw D is 11 cm 5mm. Which straw is the longest? a) Straw A b) Straw B c) Straw C d) Straw D 27) Look at the angles in the shape below. Arrange the angles in order. Begin with the smallest. *Protractor is not required for this question.* a) <x, <y, <z b) <y, <x, <z c) <z, <x, <y d) <y, <z, <x 28) Sue Ann receives 4 times as much pocket money as Timothy each month. If Timothy receives $22 each month, how much pocket money does Sue Ann receive each month? a) $ 66 b) $ 88 c) $ 108 d) $ 128 29) Johan had 75 marbles. Danise had 8 times as many marbles as Johan. Danise then gave away 69 marbles to his brother. How many marbles did Danise have left? a) 69 marbles b) 144 marbles c) 600 marbles d) 531 marbles 30) A mug costs $9. Eric has $56. What is the most number of such mugs that he can buy with this amount of money? a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8



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