1) ______ will be served at noon. Please do not be late. a) Breakfast b) Lunch c) Dinner d) Supper 2) Suria ______ some butter on a slice of bread. a) spread b) poured c) spilled d) brushed 3) The woman kept the raw ______ in the refrigerator. a) soup b) sweets c) biscuits d) meat 4) ______ is sweet food we eat after a meal. a) Honey b) Pickles c) Dessert d) Refreshment 5) Mother threw the ______ food into the dustbin. a) frozen b) leftover c) hot and spicy d) sweet and sour 6) ______ food is not good for our health. a) Uncooked b) Cooked c) Junk d) Raw 7) What are the ______ used to bake these pineapple tarts? a) things b) food c) drinks d) ingredients 8) Zaafarani cracked an egg to make an ______ for Faril. a) omelette b) egg yolk c) apple pie d) easter egg 9) Puan Leela is stirring the soup with a ______. a) knife b) ladle c) spatula d) fork 10) Mila is pouring some ______ into the curry. a) salt b) cheese c) oil d) sweets

Year 6 (Unit 9): Choose the correct answers.



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