1) The soldier fought __________ to defend the country.  a) happily b) diligently c) seriously d) bravely e) politely 2) Dewi arranges the books __________ on the shelves.  a) gratefully b) gently c) neatly d) gracefully e) soundly 3) Mei Mei tells me __________ that she is going to Sarawak.  a) excitedly b) nervously c) hungrily d) soundly e) lazily 4) Anna strokes the puppy __________. a) gently b) politely c) gracefully d) strongly e) honestly 5) The students talk __________ when the teacher is not around. a) sadly b) loudly c) honestly d) angrily e) happily 6) She waits __________ for the bus.  a) lazily b) noisily c) patiently d) quickly e) soundly 7) She danced __________ on the stage. a) gracefully b) noisily c) angrily d) loudly e) soundly 8) Father drives __________ along the slippery road. a) soundly b) carefully c) gracefully d) diligently e) lazily 9) The baby sleeps __________ in the cot. a) gracefully b) seriously c) bravely d) soundly e) honestly 10) She talks __________ to her teacher. a) loudly b) politely c) hungrily d) fiercely e) angrily



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