1) I ( should have/ may have) seen a doctor earlier. a) should have b) may have 2) You (must have/ should have) stepped on the wet paint. Your shoe has paint on it. a) must have b) should have 3) My wallet is missing. My brother (should have/must have) taken it by mistake. a) should have b) must have 4) Bala (can’t have/must have) passed his examination. He is celebrating with his friends at the restaurant. a) can't have b) must have 5) You (musn’t/needn’t have) walked all the way to my house. You could have called me on the phone to drive you here. a) musn't have b) needn't have 6) The trip to the castle was a waste of time. I (would have/must have) rather stayed at home to watch television. a) would have b) must have 7) Look out! You (must have/could have) broken that window with the football. a) must have b) could have 8) My bike isn’t in the garage. My brother (must have/should have) taken it. a) must have b) should have 9) Freddie (can’t have/ shouldn’t have) slept well last night. He’s very tired today. a) can't have b) shouldn't have 10) Mum, you (couldn’t have/needn’t have) bought me a new phone. I repaired my old one and it works fine. a) couldn't have b) needn't have




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