I looked at ____ in the mirror. You should buy ____ a new pair of shoes. My brother prepared ____ a delicious sandwich. Miss Jane bought ____ a new handbag. My computer updates ____ every month. We need to finish this project ____. They went to the playground by ____. "Help ____ to the food," said my mother to my friends. "Did you enjoy ____ today?" asked my mother. I ____ will prepare the dinner tonight. Linda and Hilda went to the book sale by ____. He finished the cupcakes all by ____. She was trying to motivate ____ for the exam. The battery allows the toy robot to move by ____. Last night, my mum and my sister had dinner by ____. Do you like to swing by ____ or with a friend? My friends and I decorated the stage ____. Andy gave ____ a pat on the back. Donna took a picture of ____ with her new hat. We had to remind ____ that it was just a game.

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