1) Roger was very happy __________ (see) his friends after the holidays. a) to see b) see c) saw d) seeing 2) My brother's angry at me. I promised __________ (help) him with a project, but in the end I couldn't make and I forgot ________ (call) home __________ (say) I'd be late. a) help, call, say b) helps, to call, said c) to help, to call, to say d) helping, to call, to say 3) I don't mind __________ (stay) alone at home during the day, but I can't stand _________ (be) alone in the house at night. a) staying, to be b) staying, being c) stay, being d) to stay, to be 4) What would you like me __________ (do) after I have finished __________ (feed) the animals? a) to do, feed b) to do, feeding c) doing, feeding d) to do, feeds 5) There's no point in __________ (run) for the bus. It has already left. a) running b) ran c) runs d) run 6) Fay thinks she must __________ (lose) some weight so she's considering __________ (go) on a diet. a) loses, going b) lost, go c) lose, go d) lose, going 7) The authorities made all the people __________ (leave) the scene of the accident. a) left b) leaving c) leave d) to leave



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